As an avid collector, in fact it is more true to say I am quite a hoarder, clothing and accessories form the majority of my collections be it to wear or to adorn my walls. The beauty, design and texture of pieces of clothing can be so exquisitely beautiful...for sure they should be displayed and not hidden away. Such inspirations inspire my designs. I believe that elements of the world around us, including film and theatre can act as a visual feast for the imagination. This and reading can build up literal, worldly and emotional awareness. ( Jessica Bonarius) hide

Edie Beale and Spot pose in the front lawn of Grey Gardens, 1951.

Sidewalk Café Paris 1948 
Photo: Yale Joel 

Lunch break for two working girls in Portland, Oregon, 1943. Behind them is the locally famous Chinese restaurant Hung Far Low.

Elvis Presley listening to his portable record player in 1956.

Bettie Page